Do You Want to Earn an Ongoing Passive Income ?

You can and at the same time help women all over the world boost their self esteem,
develop their signature style and start achieving their dreams!


Why was the become-Stylish Membership Site developed?

As you know, there's a lot more to being stylish than donning the latest fashions.  It's about knowing how to use clothes and accessories to create an image.  It's about behaving in manner which puts others at ease and wins genuine admiration.  And most of all it's about feeling at peace with yourself and having the confidence to do whatever you dream of achieving.

Whilst there are countless magazines, websites and television shows devoted to fashion and beauty, unfortunately most of them provide stylised advice on how women should look, without acknowledging that most of us do not fit into the age or body shape categories which they promote. 

By their very nature they are static. You look, you watch, but you cannot interact.  You can't ask questions, you can't challenge the information presented, you can't give your point of view.

The Become-Stylish Membership program was developed as a result of an overwhelming response to market research on what women wanted to know. The majority of women wanted more than just fashion help.  They wanted to feel good about themselves, they wanted to change their lives, they wanted to start really achieving.  And they wanted help to do it.  Not once off help, but ongoing interactive support. 

We've put together a panel of experts who provide ongoing advice and support to our members. Each contributor was selected for their area of expertise and willingness to help our members.  We also provide links to a wide range of online shopping resources to help our members source the garments, accessories and personal development tools they may need to start developing their signature style.

Why become an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate of Become-Stylish.com gives you the opportunity to earn an ongoing passive income.  Every time you recommend the site to someone and they join up, you receive 40% commission for the life of their membership.  Not only this, if that person also recommends the site to someone else and that person joins too, you will receive 10% commission for their membership life. This is a great way to earn money every month, for not too much effort.

We value our affiliates because word of mouth and recommendation is the most effective form of marketing known to the human race.  So we reward our affiliates very generously and help them as much as we can. Most of our members have joined as a result of someone else's recommendation, which means they find that the site provides exceptional value and has really helped them.

Affiliate Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions to help you determine if joining up as a Become-Stylish affiliate is for you.

Q. How much will you earn?

A. Membership is $29 per month. 

We have set up a two tier Affiliate program with a 40/10 split. In essence for every member who signs up with your affiliate link you will receive 40% of $29/month for as long as that member stays in our program. You will also receive 10% of $29/month for any other members that are enrolled by that member (see table below).

As you can see, you only have to have two members sign up using your special affiliate link and you are earning approx $22/month. If you have 10 members sign up, then you'll be receiving around $110/month, every month, for as long as they stay members.

This is how two-tier works.

  • You introduce Jane (tier 1 - you get 40% of Jayne's payments).
  • Jayne introduces Sue and Jill (tier 2 - you get 10% of Sue and Jill's payments). 
  • If Sue or Jill introduce anyone you do not get any payment from these members (as they are tier 3 for you) but Jayne will get a payment (as they are tier 2 for Jayne).


Let's say that you:-

  • Introduce 20 people who stay as members for 12 months.

  • Out of these 20 people, 6 of them join as your sub-affiliates and each introduce 20 people, who also remain members for 12 months.

Your affiliation share looks like this:-

  • 1st Tier - 20 members @ $29/month @40% - $232 per month for 12 months
    (= $2,784)

  • 2nd Tier -120 members @ $29/month @10% - $348 per month for 12 months
    (= $4,175)

For introducing 20 people who became members, you have earned a total of $6,960 over 12 months. This is a win/win as the members will be happy as they are receiving great value and getting weekly coaching from a team of style experts. And you are happy as you've earned a great passive income for simply telling people about the site.



Q. What kind of person joins as an Affiliate?

A.  We have many different types of affiliates.

  • Fashion site/store owners who promote the membership site to their clients. (Please contact us at info@become-stylish.com for details of our special retail promotional offer).

  • Fashion bloggers who mention the site in their regular blog postings

  • Image and etiquette consultants who encourage their clients to join so they receive ongoing image, etiquette and self improvement advice

  • Fashion party plan consultants who promote the site during parties (please contact us at info@become-stylishcom for further details of our special party plan promotional offer)

  • Personal trainers and gym owners who promote the site to their members as part of their clients' personal development programs (please contact us at info@become-stylishcom for further details of our special training promotional offer)

  • Life coaches who join their clients to the program as part of the long term self improvement plan (please contact us at info@become-stylishcom for further details of our special personal coaching promotional offer)

  • Career consultants who recommend the program to women who want to enter the workforce or accelerate their career progression

Q. What kind of information do members receive?

A. This membership program is an online service designed to provide ladies with weekly coaching in the three key areas of true style - physical style, behavioural style and emotional development.  Members have access to a range of world leading style and personal development experts and the opportunity to meet other like-minded women to build friendships and useful networks

It provides:-

  • Regular e classes which are emailed to members weekly (roughly) and take them step by step through the body shapes, clothing styles, wardrobe management, colours, beauty tips, grooming, deportment, fashion news, etiquette, career development, social skills, self esteem, dealing with difficult situations, managing people and a whole lot more.
  • Interviews – with some of the worlds most successful image and etiquette consultants, hairdressers, beauticians, fashion designers and life coaches.
  • Interviews with successful ladies from all walks of life
  • Shopping resources
  • Email support to answer questions and give guidance to members
  • Exclusive access to our Become-Stylish Forum where members can meet other like minded ladies and develop friendships and share stories and tips.

You’ll find an in-depth description of what we’re about on the free report page and more about what's included with the membership on our membership info page.

Q. Do I have to be a paying member of your site to be an affiliate?

A.  No you don’t. However it is a good idea to join as you will not only find the information interesting and useful, but it will help you to recommend the program to others. 

Q. How do I become an affiliate and does it cost me anything?

A. Simply click on the link below and put your details in where requested. It will cost you nothing. You can start referring straight away. Go to the "Click here to become an Affiliate" button and sign up.

Q. What do I do with the code you give me?

A. You use this unique code as your link to our site.  So if you already have a website, add a description about www.become-stylish.com and ensure that your unique code is inserted as the link through to our site.

If you are sending out an email to your client list, insert the unique code into the body of the email as the link through to our site.

Q. How do I get my unique code?

A.After you have become an affiliate online you will be taken to the Become-Stylish “Affiliate Home Page”. This page contains step by step instructions on how to get text or graphic banners which contain your unique code. You can also login at any time to get your code - save this URL to your favourites as Become-Stylish Affiliate Program login. http://www.become-stylish.com/members/affiliateshome

Q. How does The Code work?

A.Our site will remember the users who come to our site by clicking on your unique affiliate code. This process works using both their computer's IP address and the cookies in their web browser.

Q. Where can I check where I’m at and how much money I’ve earned?

A. At anytime you can log on to the Affiliates section of the site using your affiliate user name and password (which will be emailed to you when you join up as an affiliate). The direct link to the affiliates login page is http://www.become-stylish.com/members/affiliateshome.  You'll find lots of instant data about your commissions and sub affiliate sign ups as well as useful tools to help you promote the site.

Q. How is the money sent to me and how often?

A. You will need to have a Paypal account set up. Commissions will be credited to your Paypal account on a monthly basis, once you reach $50.

Q. Do you offer support to your affiliates?

A. Yes. We offer banners and content for your webpage and templates for emails to send to your contact list. You can also email us with specific questions on info@become-stylish.com.  We will keep adding more and more material to the Affiliates section to help you with your marketing.

Q. Do you have some tips for affiliate success?

A. We want you to be successful and earn commissions from the sale of this program. So here’s a few simple tips on how easy this can be.

  • Write a short endorsement testimonial about the program. If you are in regular contact with your client base and delivering great content then you would have built up a level of trust. Your recommendation of something you trust will result in sales.

  • When sending emails about other subjects, a short personal recommendation with your unique ‘link’ is often enough. Once they get to the site, a high percentage of people will click through.

  • In order to write an effective recommendation, you really need to read the become-stylish report to understand what we’re all about and to have at least received a month’s worth of eclasses. After reading and learning, you will be so much better at telling your client base what they can expect.

All that’s left now, is to start getting the word out there and direct people to www.become-stylish.com using your affiliate link.

I hope these Affiliate FAQ's were of value and will help create a lucrative ongoing income for you.


Annette Welsford and the become-stylish.com team