Feel Confident and Look Incredibly Stylish


How to Feel Confident and Look Incredibly Stylish

Knowing which colours suit you, what style of clothing will flatter your unique shape, and updating your hair and makeup is just the beginning!

There's so much more to being a thoroughly stylish woman, and we're going to show you how!

Change your body shape Know your colour paletteBe gracious, well mannered & charming Be A More Confident Woman

  Unlocking the dress code

Annette Welsford

Hi, Annette Welsford here.

It's no fun feeling frumpy and unattractive. It affects every part of your life.

Because when you feel like that, you emit those thoughts to others - whether you realise you're doing it or not. And let's face it, if you don't feel good about yourself, other people won't feel good about you either, and then you feel worse and you're stuck in a vicious cycle.

But when you do feel gorgeous and at peace with yourself, you shine. You're a happier person and it's contagious! People start admiring you and treat you with more respect.

Your whole demeanor changes, not just the way you look. It's wonderful!


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Isn't it time you discovered your true style?

Flirting with confidence and charm
Imagine being the stylish, charismatic woman whom everyone admires at your next social event! You walk into the room and "own it" with your confidence, grace and personal magnetism. You know how to act, how to make small talk, how to make people feel at ease, how to meet everyone you want to meet.
Imagine having men gravitate towards you because they find you charming and irresistible! You look appealing, you flirt with confidence, you start receiving invitations for dates. Maybe you'll find the man of your dreams!
Charming and irresistible Body Shape
Become a Stylish Business Woman Imagine knowing the secrets of interviewing to get the job or promotion you've long coveted! You look good, you feel confident, you interview well and you impress all the right people. Or you may have your own business and need to make a great impression on your clients! Looking and acting professional is critical - particularly in the current competitive climate. You need the professional edge!
Imagine knowing exactly what to wear to flatter your shape and to be a stunner at every type of event!  No more coming home with outfits, shoes and accessories that have mysteriously morphed into something awful that you'll never wear. Your wardrobe will be filled with affordable stylish clothes which perfectly suit your body shape, colouring and lifestyle.
What to wear to look gorgeous
Be More Confident Woman
Imagine being totally self confident.  No more self doubts, no more self criticism.  No more thinking you're not good enough or smart enough or clever enough or pretty enough.  When you master this, and you master this for life, you will start to show true style and you will start to achieve all your dreams.  


Have you Ever Seen Those
Candid Pictures of Celebrities?

You know the ones where there clothes and haircut are well... pretty ordinary. Where they look... well, rather average.

Self esteem confidence for women Woman's self esteem and confidence


You see, very few people are born stylish and polished. Not even the ones who become famous. It's just that celebrities have access to a secret weapon that most of us don't have. Which most of us can't afford. What they have is a huge army of beauty professionals and personal coaches at their fingertips who are devoted to ensuring every aspect of their appearance shines.

The world's most famous beauties like Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry have professionals who coach them on how to flatter their body shape and colouring. To advise on how to fix their hair and makeup just so. Who advise on how to choose just the right shoes, jewellery, belts, bags and scarves to complete a look.

Still more pros have coached many of the famous in etiquette, public speaking, fitness, diet, relaxation, speech therapy, posture, negotiating, etc. 

How great would it be to be able to have that kind of expertise in your corner. To know that every time you go out in public your turning heads with the help of your own style A-team and radiating confidence and charisma.

How would knowing that your dressed to highlight your best assets boost your confidence at that next social or work function? Or when putting your best foot forward for that new man?

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How Would You Like Your Own Team of Experts to Teach and Guide You?

Well, now you have the incredible opportunity to have an army of professionals devoted to coaching you on personal style.

We've hand-picked a team of international experts to give you the personal coaching and advice that celebrities pay thousands of dollars for.  We've carefully chosen experienced personal development coaches, image consultants, fashion stylists, etiquette advisors, behaviour consultants, and many more. It's a team that has the many years experience in helping women get the most out of their unique beauty and become successful in all areas of their lives ....

Here are just some of the many world leading IMAGE and CONFIDENCE experts who kindly share their knowledge and provide invaluable tips, advice and exclusive interviews.

Ann Noonan
Ann Reinten
Audrey Beaulac

Anne Noonan
helps us to find our best colours

Leading Image Consultant Trainer Ann Reinten, shares all her inside secrets
Audrey Beaulac,
reveals the meaning of true style
Clare Maxfield
Karen Brunger
Clare Maxfield
shows us how to get gorgeous
Karen Brunger
gives curves to rectangular shaped ladies
Li-Kin Pang
helps us with creating illusions
Nicole Bell
Pam Petherbridge
Nicole Bell
reveals the secrets to beautiful skin
Pam Petherbridge
teaches us how to act stylishly
Paul and Mary Blackburn
help us to open our minds and boost our self confidence

Rachel Quilty

Sarah Hathorne
Sharon Mannino
Helen Robinett Carolyn Rowland Tric Gibson
Helen Robinett helps us with honour and authenticity Carolyn Rowland reveals what to wear
on a date
Psychologist Tric Gibson, shares the secrets of successful interviewing

Rachel Quilty reveals why personal branding is so important

ChristyYour advice has really helped me with my work wardrobe.  My co-workers have even commented on how great I look.  Thanks so much!
C Moths , Texas, USA

The become-stylish team has combined its expertise to offer tips to get you started . . .

What Makes a Person Stylish?

You can dress some people in a beautiful outfit, and they still act like a dolt. 

Yet other people walk into a room dressed in a t-shirt and pair of shorts and they "own" the room.   They move, act and behave beautifully and are admired by everyone. People gravitate toward them.  They are quietly self confident and utterly charming.


Truly stylish people have mastered the three core elements which make up overall style . . .

Physical  - Our overall look, the first impression we make

Mental - Knowing what to do and say with grace and style in any situation

Emotional - Our self confidence and inner peace, how we feel about ourselves

Make up overall style

Each one of these elements is integral to our overall style.  If one is out of balance, our total personal style is affected.

That's why some people exude style no matter what the occasion or what they're wearing, and others just don't cut it.

Become Confident

Renowned Personal Development Coach Paul Blackburn has helped over 300,000 people build their self confidence and achieve their dreams. 

Have a listen to our recent interview with Paul on why the emotional element is critical to being stylish.

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Paul Blackburn

If you want access to these experts
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Here are 9 Vital Style Secrets
to Help You Get Started


Style Secret 1 - Be Confident With Who You Are

Many people ignore the fact that the idealised body images that surround us are just that - idealised - and don't represent what the majority of us are really like. Many of us find ourselves in a relentless pursuit of the elusive perfect figure - leaving us chronically dissatisfied with our appearance. This often results in low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.confidence grooming tips for women

The truth is, the vast majority of people don't have (and won't ever have) "perfect" bodies.

Most of us are much more likely to talk and get to know somebody who is friendly and approachable rather than a more physically attractive self-centred person. Our personality and behaviour count for a lot.

Recognise your attributes and make the most of them rather than dwelling on imperfections. Your attitude towards yourself makes a big difference. Lack of confidence in your appearance or abilities can lead you to behave in defensive ways that appear unfriendly and aloof, and it is this behaviour that will put people off, rather than your appearance.

Believing in yourself will help to automatically send out positive signals about the person you really are. So don't waste any more time trying to be a second class somebody else and get on with being a first class you!

"I'm letting you know how great this course is. Its so much more than being stylish, its about knowing who you are and I've wanted to know that all my life.  Events in my childhood resulted in me having no personality, I was a scared timid mouse and lived my whole life like that. I'm 44 and only just realising it now. So I'm powering through this course and it's really helping me. It is really about knowing who you are and doing the Become-Stylish course, you learn exactly who you are. That's when you will always be stylish."
Denise Patterson, Melbourne


Style Secret 2 - Dress to Flatter Your Body Shape

Firstly you need to identify your body shape.  There are basically six common body shapes, and a couple of vertical variations.  However please remember, that you may not completely conform to one of the shapes.  You may be a combination of a couple of shapes.

By recognising your assets you can choose clothes to flatter them and camouflage parts you don't want to emphasize.  Here's a few simple tips from our image stylists.  There's many more to come . . .

If you have the classic triangle shape, you will want to balance your hips by widening your shoulders. There's also several rules you need to follow for top and jacket lengths, and skirt and pant styles.

triangle body shape

If you've an inverted triangle frame, with wide shoulders, perhaps a big bust and narrow hips, you'll need to widen your hips.  Choosing pants and skirts in the right colour, fabric and style will have a big impact on your overall look.  There's also certain types of top styles and dress styles you need to avoid so your shoulders don't look even wider.

inverted triangle body shape

If you  have the classic oval shape (broader through the middle and upper torso, with no waist indentation and often with a full bust and sloping shoulders) then there's lots you can do to minimise your stomach area and elongate your overall body length.  For starters you need to concentrate on vertical lines and avoid tucked in tops.

oval shape

A diamond body shape is characterised by narrow shoulders and a small bust and back, with most of the weight distributed through the midriff and waist area. If you have a diamond shape you should avoid anything overly fitted, patterned, contrasting or tailored through the waist.  There's a lot of things which will flatter you.

diamond body shape

The hourglass figure is usually every woman's dream, but depending on the proportions, can be difficult to dress. An hourglass lady can look wonderful or tarty depending on her clothes style. 

hourglass shape

If you have an athletic figure and not much waist definition, then you have a rectangle shape. You want to choose outfits which make you look more curvy. Wrap style dresses are great!

rectangle body shape

Of course there's more to it than these basic shapes.  There's also long torso with short legs, short torso with long legs, arm shapes and leg shapes to consider. 

When you know how, you can create illusions which completely change your look and shape. It's amazing what can be achieved with clothing, colour, texture and accessory variations.


Style Secret 3 - buy colours which really suit you

Wearing the wrong colours can make you look sick!  Wearing the right colours can have a significant impact on your self confidence and your behaviour. When you know your colour palette, you know what colours clothes and accessories to buy, what colour makeup to use and how to mix and match them for stunning results.

Colour can direct and divert the eye, communicate emotion, crate moods and optical illusions, delight, or add dignity. Colour can enhance your self-image and make you feel marvelous.

One of the world's leading colour consultants - Leatrice Eiseman, Director of the Pantone Color Institute - uses a 24 hour palette of colour from nature to define our personal colour schemes. 

Most people will be naturally attracted to one of these colour schemes.  Have a go and see if you can choose the one with the colours that you usually buy.

Sunrise: You will probably have ash or platinum blonde, ash brown, dark brown, black, white or grey hair. Your eyes are probably blue, blue grey, rosy brown, dark brown, or gray hazel. Your skin will be olive, fair or rose beige.

Your palette sparkles and many of your colours are jewel or royal tones. The natural elements of water and air are a strong influence on the predominantly cool blue undertones of your palette.

Wearing the right colours

Sunset: You will probably have golden, honey or copper blonde, red, rust red or caramel brown hair, perhaps with copper highlights. Your eyes are mid or deep blue, amber, warm brown, golden hazel or green. Your skin will be olive, golden honey brown, warm creamy white or peach beige.

Warm spicy shades are important to you, and you prefer the elements of fire and earth.

know your colour palette

Sunlight: You probably have blonde, red, brown or gray hair with a mixture of both warm and cool tones. Your eyes will be changeable blue, brown with flecks of other colours, hazel or light to medium blue-green. Your skin could be olive, light brown, ivory or peach with rose and peach undertones.

This is the palette of the luscious sun-drenched noon hours.  Colours of all the natural elements of air, water,fire and earth are softened and slightly muted, but not pale.

Enhance your self-image

Style Secret 4 - mould your shape with fitted underwear

Take time to find bras that fit and provide the support that you need.  It is well worth the effort to get properly fitted, as most women choose the wrong size and end up with bulges or sags in the wrong places.  Your boobs can be your greatest asset, or your worst, depending on your underwear.  Did you know that over 90% of women wear the wrong bra size?

Same with your knickers. There's nothing worse than a defined panty line under a nice pair of jeans or dressy pants or skirt.  If you are prone to saddle bags or cellulite, then try some of the fabulous new shape wear that will give you the outline which attracts second and third glances!

bad t shirt fit
good t shirt fit

Style Secret 5 - choose the Right Accessories

You can change the mood and impression of an outfit with the right accessories, as long as you know a few basic rules about what looks good for your shape and size.  Some necklaces only accentuate a large bust others will look terrible if you have a short neck.  If you have sallow skin or bags under your eyes, don't wear black close to your face.  Add a bright scarf or necklace to enhance your skin color.

Shoes also have a big impact on your overall look.  The right shoes can extend your leg length, the wrong ones can make your legs look chunkier. There are basic shoe styles to wear
with different outfits and for a variety of occasions. 

Purses and handbags can make or break an outfit.  There's casual choices, corporate choices and evening choices.  The colour, fabric and style of your bag is important, as is functionality.

Choose the Right Accessories

Style Secret 6 - give your wardrobe a makeover

This does not necessarily mean tossing everything and spending a fortune on new clothes.  Most of us have numerous items that we can still wear, but we may need to team and accessorise them differently. 

It's a case of ensuring you have a few core essential items - like well fitted flattering jeans, a well tailored suit and a classic dress - and mixing and matching jackets, shoes, tops and accessories to provide a range of looks for all sorts of occasions.   Once you know how to mix and match, all of a sudden your wardrobe is looking a lot better!

wardrobe cull

Style Secret 7 - learn the secrets of fabulous grooming

One of the most essential rules of all is your grooming. 

Your hands and nails must be clean and neat whenever you step outside the front door. 

Your feet need to be moisturised and toenails trimmed and finished with gloss varnish (or buffed) every time you expose them in open-toed shoes.  Your legs should be hairless and your skin soft and non-flaky. 

Your hair should be clean, combed and cut in a style to suit your face, neckline, age and body shape. Your hair style and color can have a significant impact on your overall look and apparent age.

The trend with make-up these days is less is more, but there are still a few guidelines to follow for accentuating eyes, lips and cheekbones and camouflaging spots and scars.

With the right makeup and hair tips, you can take years off your looks.



The secrets of fabulous grooming

ShilingThe program has helped me understand what I need to wear to look good in a business setting and that has helped me get a much coveted internship with Rolls Royce.
After all, you need to be able to look the part to play the part. Right?

S Choo, Singapore

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Style Secret 8 - be gracious, well mannered & charming

VERY IMPORTANT - Feeling self confident and looking fantastic is not enough. Behaving in a stylish manner completes the picture and is absolutely essential. 

  • Do you know the correct etiquette for introducing people, using mobile phones, setting a table or running a meeting? 
  • Can you read body language? 
  • Can you speak in public with confidence?
  • Do you know the correct etiquette for weddings, for funerals, for various cultural celebrations?
  • How's your posture?  Your deportment? Your manners?

Round off your total new stylish persona with the finer social graces and you will be able to go anywhere and do anything without embarrassment, but with stylish aplomb and be admired and respected by all.  There's no point looking glamorous if you act like a complete bitch. Beauty is only skin deep as they say.  True grace and style takes a lot more, and this is what people remember and respect.

Total new stylish persona
Style Secret 9 - get professional advice

Learning how to be a confident and stylish woman takes commitment and education.  It is a vital chapter in your journey of personal development.  The world's most stylish people never stop learning as they strive to improve themselves, and the best way to do this is to seek professional help from the experts.

Our team of experts are among the world's elite when it comes to knowledge, experience and results.

  • Our international team of stylists have transformed women, of all sizes, shapes and ages into stylish, elegant ladies. View just some of our articles on www.

  • Our etiquette experts have coached celebrities, company executives, sporting stars, school leavers and armed forces personnel in the finer points of business and social etiquette.

  • Our personal development coaches have helped thousands of people build self esteem, overcome fears, improve communication techniques and take action to attract success into their personal and professional lives. 

As with anything important in your life, your continuing education and personal development is vital.  Improve yourself, improve your life.

Be a confident and stylish woman


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Body shapes for women
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Renowned International Speaker Dr Joanna Martin reveals why seeking
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